best man speech examples

best man speech examples

If you have been appointed as a best man, you are significant person for someone. It is big responsibility to be best man, but some are worried about the speech that has to be pronounced. If prepared correctly, your speech will be unforgettable. Given article examines some factors of best man speeches. Firstly we will discuss what best man should do to prepare great speech; secondly what you have to include into your speech; lastly what you need to get rid within your speech.

Start preparation for the speech at least five days prior to wedding day. By reserving several days, you more likely will come up with better speech. Keep in mind that your speech should be around firstly bride and groom, secondly family members and friends for the groom.

Start your speech saying how glad you are and what a big honor is to be best man on that wonderful day. After that star with chronological order, say how long you have known groom; speak about important days in his life. Do not forget giving credit to bride.
After that you can thank attending public, mention all the close friends and so on.

Do not forget that humor within your speech will enrich your performance. Inject funny stories and possibly jokes into your speech.

You must remember that inappropriate and dirty humor is not acceptable at such ceremonies. You might offend somebody. Also excessive alcohol can mess up your carefully crafted speech, accordingly consume it responsibly. Do not even think of speaking about ex-girlfriend of the groom. Imagine if you were groom, and somebody started speaking about your ex-girlfriend on your wedding day, embarrassing is not it?

To summaries, prepare your speech well ahead. Use your common sense and speak about things that if you were groom, would happily accept that. Use humor within your speech, do not offend anybody. Basically these are major steps for your wedding day speech. If however you are unable to come up with your own speech you can always purchase prewritten speeches on the net.


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